Making Disk Image

By rcliffe ·
What software would you use to make am image of a client's system for easy restore?

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we use

by PurpleSkys In reply to Making Disk Image
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The venerable one is still the easiest to use

by Ronn Hanley In reply to Making Disk Image

Norton Ghost is one of the more versatile tools for imaging, backup and recovery and system maintenance.

The Imaging tool is incredibly intuitive and doesn't require a lot of time to learn. Also, since it allows for multicasting you can effectively handle 6, 7 or more laptops or PC's at the same time.

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Here are some free and good utilities

by markp24 In reply to Making Disk Image


I have used Power quest drive imsage, Norton Ghost, Drive Image XML, TO DO Backup and Macrium Reflect backup, all are good,
but These are free Macruim relect (can be automatically scheduled to make images) TO back up is an easy interface also, and makes its own boot recovery CD, And Drive image XML is great to, but a little less friendly for a UI.

Hope that helps


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by ameack In reply to Making Disk Image

I have used Acronis True Image a lot of times. Its good.
I have used it on Servers and personal PC as well.
Loading it back as well is not a hassle.

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Did any of these ideas help?

by markp24 In reply to Making Disk Image


if anyof the ideas helped please give a thumbs up

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by rcliffe In reply to Did any of these ideas he ...

Thanks everyone; I am currently evaluating some of your suggestions. I expect that one or more of them will suit my needs.

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So how hard is it for you to mark the answers as helpful?

by Ron K. In reply to Thanks

Just curious. It's not difficult for me.<br>
Each reply has a 'Mark as Helpful' button. It gives the answerer a thumbs up, the online equivalent of buying them a beer. There's an ongoing competition to see who gets the most thumbs up per week and it may also persuade someone to either help rcliffe or pass.<br>

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by rcliffe In reply to So how hard is it for you ...

Hi Ron;

Not hard at all, now that I know about it. When Mark sent that last message, I thought he was asking for a "thank you", so I sent one; seemed only polite. Didn't know about any competition for points or whatever; now that I do I have taken care of it. I may have been a member for 10 years, but I don't spend a lot of time here; I never noticed that button before. My apologies.

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OK I'm surprised that no one mentioned

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Making Disk Image

Clonezilla available free to use here

But here it really depends on what you want to do and if you are willing to pay for this type of software. If you are willing to pay then Acronis True Image is probably the easiest that I've used for a long time while Ghost is great it's not quite as easy to use and Clonezilla is the best free one that I've used though the Paragon Offering comes a close second. But that's just my personal opinion.


& Ghost if you want to try their Trial Editions. :0


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