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Making IT work on a tight budget

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How do you stretch your IT budget? What differences have you noticed between public sector and private sector budgets? Share your experiences with working with a limited budget, as featured in this week's Government IT e-newsletter.

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How did Mr. Helton accomplish this?

by gregburdick In reply to Making IT work on a tight ...

I'd like to know the structure and management of Mr. Helton's team that allowed him to accomplish such feats. In the 21st century and especially in this economy, that is the big question. Who initiates the use of new technology and how is the project managed? Is their method repeatable?

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The model is repeatable

by george.helton In reply to How did Mr. Helton accomp ...

We use a model called The Trusted Professional Model. I learned of it from consultant who was here doing some work for us. The model originated in the Harvard School of Business, I believe; at least that's where I tracked it down. I recommend themodel very highly, it works well for us. The gist of the model is that your assumption is that every one in your organization is a professional and can be trusted to do their respective duties. Once you establish performance objectives and organizational goals, then you trust your folks to adher to those and get their part of the job done. If a member of the team is not competent or professional, or simply can't be trusted, they cannot be a part of your team and must be replaced. It takes about two years to get things tuned and running, however once you do, it is remarkable what people can accomplish.

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Try non-profit

by maven In reply to Making IT work on a tight ...

The level of staffing and funding sounds like heaven to me, but them I'm in the non-profit world. We have 240 computers at 28 locations, six servers, WAN, etc. We have 2.4 people, which includes an extensive software development function. We don't do telephones, but we do our own network wiring.

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