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    Malfunctioning tab key.


    by soatone ·

    I have a user that is having a weird problem with their tab key. When she works in programs she can tab between fields. Then, all of a sudden, the tab key acts like the alt key is depressed and will start switching between open programs. If there isonly one program open, pressing the tab key switches to nothing and then back. The problem can be cleared and the tab key returned to normal by physically holding the alt key while pressing the tab key.

    The problem is not specific to one program.It will manifest in any program she works with.

    I have updated the OS (win98se) and replaced the keyboard. The system doesn’t have any anti-virus software but I’ve looked at the startup proccess and the \run\, \runservices\ keys in the registry and didn’t spot anything out of the ordinary.

    Has anyone ever encounterd this problem before? If so, how did you correct it?


    P.S. I know this is minor problem, but the user refuses to work on this computer until the error is corrected.

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      Common problem

      by guruofdos ·

      In reply to Malfunctioning tab key.

      And this has happened to me many times. It occurs when an applet or program uses tab as a hotkey in some way which remaps the function away from the generic ‘TAB’ function, and then fails to restore the default setting when the program is terminatedor minimised. Rebooting cures the problem every time until the rogue app is activated again. Log what apps or plug-ins the user is running and a pattern will become clear.

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