Malware blocks keyboard & mouse!?!

By mjs1138 ·
A computer in our lab had some ?fake anti-virus? malware loaded on to it from a website that a user viewed. The PC was turned off. Now the PC no longer responds to the USB keyboard or mouse ? the function keys don?t even respond during POST. Has any one seen or heard of this type of problem? If so what is the remedy?

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alternate repair methods

by shiny_topadm In reply to Malware blocks keyboard & ...

It may be possible to boot to an alternate OS from a CD or USB drive and then use various anti-malware tools (your choice) to 'fix' it. Another possibility is to install the drive from the 'bad' PC as a slave (second) drive in a known good PC and scan it that way. Any of these methods may take considerably more time and effort than formatting and reinstallation, especially in a lab setting where you may already have a valid, working disk image. It's also possible to spend many hours on the attempted repair, only to be frustrated at the end and have to format and re-install anyway! Good luck!

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Also depending on the M'Board in use here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Malware blocks keyboard & ...

Quite a Few do not load USB Support till after the OS is loaded so USB Keyboard can not be used to enter the BIOS. Generally Speaking if you have a PS2 Keyboard & Mouse Sockets you should be using PS2 Keyboards at the very least. Ideally PS2 Mice should also be used as they can be useful some times.

As for the rest you may still be infected and you'll need to either clean the system with something like the Trinity Rescue Kit available free from here

Or do as suggested above. However when I get these nasty infections I find it faster to Wipe the Drive with something like Boot & Nuke available free here

or Kill Disc available free from here

While Boot & Nuke does a better job of things many people find Kill Disc far easier to use. Then after the Drive is wiped you reload the system from the Image that was made when the system was originally placed into Service. It is generally much faster to do things that way than attempt to clean out the infection.


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