Malware has crippled computer

By lmayeda ·
Malware has infected my user's computer. As administrator, I am unable to disable System Restore, or modify the corrupted HOSTS table, or access the USERS table. Per the Events Viewer and entry in Symantec log, the malware may be Downloader.MisleadAPP or Trojan.ByteVerify or something else. How can I regain control of this PC aside from re-formatting and re-installing Windows?

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Wipe and reload

by ctrservices In reply to Malware has crippled comp ...

is usually the most time efficient and safest. However, the following link is the best I've seen.

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I was hoping for a miracle "fix"

by lmayeda In reply to Wipe and reload

I was hoping I wouldn't have to resort to re-formatting and re-installing Windows plus all of the apps and files, etc. What really bugs me is that the CONTROL PANEL is no longer available, and I can't even get to the ADD/REMOVE programs or to disable the System Restore. I finally managed (not sure what I changed) to clear out the HOSTS file of the miriad of apps that was set to IP (not list in WHOIS).

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Thanks for your reply`

by lmayeda In reply to Wipe and reload

I know that it is probably faster and safer to combat "difficult" malware/viruses by reformatting and re-installing software on an infected PC but I am stubborn enough to want to know more about how to manually clean to be better armed for future incidents. For this particular malware "WINFIXER" I believe what worked for me was to go to the startup within MSCONFIG and start only the bare minimum of the processes. At this point, I was able to finally "see" the CONTROL PANEL, and get access to disable the SYSTEM RESTORE. With current definitions in SPYBOT and LavaSoft's ADAWARE and Symantec Antivirus, I was able to finally clean everything in SAFE MODE and what was not cleaned by Symantec, I was able to delete manually. We'll see if the user remains clean for the next few days. At least he now has cleaned out the junk from his files and backed up other important files. Thanks for your response. Lynne

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