Malware removal

By toddcurrington ·
Having looked into ways to remove malware it seems that most believe it's best (or better) to run various scanning software in safe mode or by booting from CD. Is there any advantage or disadvantage to totally removing the hard drive, hooking it up as a slave (or external drive) to a second system to running the various scans?

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I would agree with that

by Snuffy09 In reply to Malware removal

with the new "antivirus 2009, and antivirus-1" family going around, everybody knows what a pain they are to remove. I have noticed that even if you have the antivius tools installed before the infection you will stil be unable to use them on that infected drive. the creators were clever enough to do that much "for us." However if you rename the .exe file or rename the software when you install it you have a better shot at getting it to run.

To sidestep all of this i think there are many advantages to using the infected drive as a slave.

there are many quick ways of doing this to, from external HD enclosures to IDE/SATA to USB converters.

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The advantages and disadvantages......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Malware removal

Disadvantage: By hooking an infected drive to a 2nd computer, you run the risk of infecting that 2nd computer. And, since some critters are network aware, if that 2nd computer is hooked to a network, you run the risk of spreading it further.

Advantage: None that I can think of for malware/spyware/trojans.

The best way to get rid of ANY spyware/malware/trojan/virus is still to isolate the computer (disconnect the network) and run scans with every tool in your arsenol while in Safe Mode or from bootable CD. Once you've cleaned it that way, reboot to normal mode, but not connected to the network yet, and run full scans again. Then, depending on what you've found, you may need to repeat the Safe Mode/Normal Mode cycle several times until all scan tools report a clean system before you reconnect the network.

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Advantages / Disadvantages ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Malware removal

It mostly comes down to a question of ~ 'ease of application' versus 'circumstance of dire need' ~ in as much as you might HAVE to remove it to scan it due to the hard drive being unbootable due to the level of infection.

But if it is bootable, there is little or no advantage in removing the hard drive then either scanning it as a slave, mounted within another PC or hooked up by using a USB cable / caddy.

There is a disadvantage though and that is the difficulty involved, particularly if the hard drive is secreted away inside a laptop - not all laptops have easily-dismounted hard drives.

From a business point of view, time is money and dismounting/remounting a hard drive is most definitely time-consuming, thus chargeable. Whatever the charge, the result will be a job most efficiently done versus a happy customer.

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