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malware & spam advertisements on TR?

By Jaqui ·

no link, since it's a 1024x768 image

the Won a free laptop add on the right.

those are nothing but spam and malware infestation sites.

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by Dr Dij In reply to malware & spam advertisem ...

(They're everywhere)!!

I tried searching google for my site name. in a CACHED copy of some bogus site that had copied some of my site content was malware popup. Happily I blocked it but to be sure I rebooted.

I was on major computer magazine site and ad rotator tried to infect my pc. Not even click on!

I even see ads for scummy fake anti-virus sites like on TV. Oh well, they're paying for my TV shows.

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and these ads

by .Martin. In reply to Sshhhhh!!

are paying for TechRepublic.

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It's since they did the reorg and brought

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to malware & spam advertisem ...

more ZD stuff in. When you see things like slimmimg plans appear in the ad windows, you know all semblance of integrity has been ditched....

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maybe a DELL rep will

by Jaqui In reply to It's since they did the r ...

read and respond to this, after all, Dell is one of the few hardware companies that I could see actually giving a laptop away as a promotion, just not from a banner ad impression.

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Bad ad?

by debuggist Staff In reply to malware & spam advertisem ...

I've passed your screenshot on to the dept responsible for handling these kinds of issues.

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by Jaqui In reply to Bad ad?

there isn't any attach file option in the add feedback page.

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