Malwarebytes is doing :Website Blocked

By robinsontc ·
Tags: Malware
gives an IP address and Port
Type: Outbound
Files: C:\Windows\System32\wbem\scrcons.exe

This happens several times a week and when it happens Malwarebytes blocks it three times in a short interval.

I use Panda Antivirus Pro and Malwarebytes latest version real time scanning.

When I run both of the about to look at ALL the files on my computer it does not come up with any problem.

Question: Why can't either one of these paid for programs get rid of this need to block this Domain?

Anyone? Help will be appreciated.

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It's a Virus

by MrArmstrong87 In reply to Malwarebytes is doing :We ...

Google that exe Malawarebytes
And Avast references talk about that specific topic.
Now it has something to do with
Windows however
Often the virus was installed by a app you may have installed some by torrent,hack,crack or you may have been victim to spyware
Anyway the files locked in under a false exe name to fool you.
Smart move.Malawarebytes offers a
Delete tool.Before you delete it make sure it's not spyware
Scan it.Malwarebytes,I would recommend hmm Avast.
Just for the scanner.
If Avast tells you it's a Virus
Use Malawarebytes to Properly delete it.
Next look closely for duplicate files
Under this folder.
There's always back up codes under falty Files.
Look for .Bat ,Exe
Scan them.
Sometimes there literally In the same folder.
Alright Brother

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