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Manage a group of your former peers

By Pixyish ·
I have been promoted to become a Project Manager. There is a group of people who doesn't like me as a Project Manager. And would do anything to see me go down. Could be a case of professional jealousy? Anyone got any idea how to handle the situation I am into?

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Gains and losses

by Oldefar In reply to Manage a group of your fo ...

Time, money, knowledge, security, and prestige are the currency. Your promotion probably has no impact on your peers time, money, or knowledge.

Sounds to me like your promotion has either caused them to feel a loss of security or prestige, and of these prestige is the likely area of loss. This usually comes about because they were not selected for the position but had applied for it, or because you or your management has oversold your value with the promotion.

In the first instance, you may be able to restore their wounded pride by recognizing the value they bring to a particular project's success and seeing that this value is noticed by those above.

In the second instance, you can downplay the importance management has placed on your new role but if it was your own strutting that caused the problem you are in deep trouble. Cover your backside well, and begin working at undoing the damage you caused. It typically takes about 10 times the effort and time to undo such damage as to create it.

Now if it is only a small number of the old group that harbors such feelings, the problem is probably more theirs than yours and the solution may be to encourage them to find work elsewhere.
Those who react with jealousy over anyone elses success are rarely able to change their perspective and probably aren't worth the effort.

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Good Post!! I concur

by dksmith In reply to Gains and losses

Another thing you could do is to state that your new position allows their work to be displayed. let them know that you will share in the glory when the project succeeds.

Something to think about: Was this group vindictive before your promotion? If so, there is no changing them. If not, then they don't like you/your promotion.


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