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Manage the POSITION not the PERSON

By nicholasclayg ·
Hello all,
I have just recently ran into a few problems with my assistant manager. I like to call him the man in the red coat. Ever seen THAT guy? Its the information man, the man that always has an answer no matter what the subject and doesnt matter if they are right OR wrong. What im saying is he is the micro manager from ****. He will assign a task to one of the guys, and then somewhere down the line he completely starts taking over EVERYTHING, as if he lacks confidence in his people. I come to find out that my asst mgr knows ALOT about peoples personal lives, which I feel is a bad thing to do. Let me share some insight on this with everyone. It is just in case you might have gone through this already, or just some "preventative measures"

Any thoughts on this? Share some of your experiences, we all probably could learn something from everyone's mistakes- I know I have =)

A:) most important in management is you manage the POSITION >>NOT<< the person. IE, Working your schedule around the person you manage. This is bad for everyone and results in a bunch of crap. (Yes im not at work so im gonna start spittin' some slang ya heard lol)

B:) Manage toward the objective= USE YOUR RESOURCES. This is some Truth for you that may be in a position of where you feel that its overwhelming or just down right hopeless. For example if your boss gives you reports that need to be done, divide them up with your people (AKA resources) Why should you have to micro manage every little thing that comes up? If you are doing the other persons job- WHY ARE THEY PAYING YOU A MANAGERS SALARY IF YOU ARE DOING A WORKERS JOB AKA "HOURLY EMPLOYEE"

C:) The Big picture. Ever had a monumental task at hand that seemed like the end of the world? Of course you have we all have. The main thing to do here is don't freak out! Again this goes back to utilizing your resources and breaking down the project into mini projects IE "Ok today we need to do this and this and then this thats all you need to worry about" instead of shocking your employees, leak it to them slowly and just be constant, not a slave driver but constant.

) Give praise Lightly, critique heavily. What I mean here is that sometimes mgrs give too many compliments to fast, giving the person a good warm fuzzy feeling but in the end you hurt more than help. It makes people lazy. Trust me. Instead do this, every time you compliment follow that up with a suggestion such as "Hey Craig that was awesome work I really liked the implementation.However I really think that next time you should try this..." Basically its a compliment and suggestion all in one. Cutting out the need to do both seperate, and it leaves the person happy, but also lets them know that you are the man and you are watching.

Holy crap that felt good, all week I have been trying to get my people to re establish a goal and stop the bleeding within the organization but sometimes you just have to start fresh. I basically replaced the ENTIRE division with a new set of faces. Had to be done, it was either them or me and I AINT LEAVING, I LIKE BREATHING DAMNIT. Anyway, Thought I would share some thoughts on my experience this week, and to share some insight to others who might feel overwhelmed by projects/managers/whoever.

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SOME good points, but

by Scarecrow71 In reply to Manage the POSITION not t ...

I was very interested to read your post, I manage a reasonably small team and often come up against some of the problems you outline. So, my comments:

a)Yes, I agree, but there will always be personalities to take into account. Whilst I keep my mind on the task, and the position, I also approach each member of staff in a 'slightly' different way to ensure I get the best from him

b)Yes, some great points. I would also add that it is important to 'protect' your resources. Too often I find senior management stealing my staff for tasks which they are neither responsible for nor trained for.

c)You talk out seeing the big picture, but you don't seem to think that your team need to see
the big picture too. Comments?

d) I see it completely the other way around. The velvet glove is my approach. For example, one of my staff completes a project which has taken say a month to complete. The project as a whole has been completed successfully but there have been some fundamental mistakes. lets say that the project had been completed late, or that documentation had not been completed.

Under your stance, you would come down hard on the mistakes, making the employee feel like his hard work over the last month had been wasted and he is unappreciated.

My way, I would praise his completion of the project, but I would point out that he had 'taken his eye off the ball' in relation to certain areas. He would feel that whilst his efforts are appreciated, he has recieved constructive critisism and points for improvement.

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Yes indeed.

by nicholasclayg In reply to SOME good points, but

If someone completes a project with some basic mistakes, i will give congrats to them but at same time point out some key factors that they may want to improve on. I do think that my staff should see the big picture, but sometimes you have to break it down into little pictures so the poor little guys dont get overwhelmed and decide to start raping monkeys lol. Anyway that was funny- A good laugh is always needed before I got into the board room- from which it a serious lack of humor resides, once the meeting is done. La la la

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Nice Sounding but....

by jockbir In reply to Manage the POSITION not t ...

You can assign projects but you are the one that is expected to have them completed. Your employee tells you no or no time.

As such, you stay to finish it and the employee goes around having a good old time.

If you complain or even issue warning, why are you such as "hard ***" or why cause trouble we like this person. Just do the job.

If you want your job, do the job.

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Nice Thought But Not Quite Doable All The Time

by jockbir In reply to Manage the POSITION not t ...

I am supposedly a manager and tech person for a town government.
I have an assistant with certain jobs and the constant answer is "I can only do one thing at a time and when I get done I will work on something else".
Good response, but no place allows you to do one job. We support 87-150 users (Police 24 hrs per day).
My boss says "wants it done"-- you end up doing it.
You can not fire or warn the other person because it is your problem!.

Sorry but that is my life.

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