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Manage your staff's expectations as well

By linda.harris ·
IT managers are typically IT subject matter experts with no management skills. Do you think they could be rewarded some other way? Or at least have upper management become more sensitive to the obvious need for management skills training.

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Industry vs. Individual Expectations

by RazoR_RazZ In reply to Manage your staff's expec ...

As a consultant with a small company, the industry vs. individual expectations are the most confusing. I read the magazines, and look at the industry studies, and see that somebody is getting the bonus, the training weeks per year, the other perks. I am also looking at salaries, and how mine compares. My manager is positive when the client is full of praise for a job well done. And when you think you have exceeded your expectations, when review time is in front of you, you expect to atleast get somewhere in the ballpark of the numbers you see in the studies. Where is the communication breakdown??? I realize that many factors come into play(region, size company, etc.), but median should be expected.

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IT Management Skills

by mdfeldm In reply to Manage your staff's expec ...

We have all heard (and some of us have lived through) the horrors of a competent IT person being promoted to management and then is a total failure (but is often the last to figure that out). Management training would help, but those doing the promoting need to be better at determining who is management material and who is not. Being a great technologist does not mean you'll be a great manager over other technologists. So perhaps is the ones doing the promoting that need the wake up call.

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