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    Managed WAN from Verizon


    by bruno fonseca ·

    We are looking at the possibility of using verizon’s managed WAN services. We have multiple sites all over the US, and we have a latency problem between our locations. We currently run point to point VPN’s between all our locations with different providers like covad and SBC.

    I am looking for some insight on this topic, is someone here uses it, any issues associated with it. I don’t like the idea because verizon is one of the providers we encourter the most problems with (more hops to site than any other provider).

    I think we have enough bandwith, and our problem is more of a latency issue than anything else, do you think a managed wan would help.

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      Had same issues in 2003-04

      by cioupdates ·

      In reply to Managed WAN from Verizon

      We also have several sites throughout the country. We started using VPN with several Service providers utlizing PTP T-1, Internet T-1, DSL and Cable and had latency issues. Troubleshooting revealed that the issue lies with the VPN Edge devices several tools including packeteer were used in determining the root cause. After the VPN Edge devices were patched with latest firmware and FW was updated with latest patches our latency issues were resolved. Hope this will help!

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      Should not be a problem

      by michael kassner ·

      In reply to Managed WAN from Verizon

      Realistically, all of your concerns should be addressed in the QoS portion of the contract between you and the provider.

      Also you may want to have the ISP be responsible for the CPE device, that way there is no excuse for them to provide what you agreed to in the contract.

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