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Management Dilemma

By saurinmehta_us ·
I have two teams in my company... Both working in different arena... One team has lots of work and therefore greatly appreciated both financially and performance wise...

While the other team has very little amount of work.... and hence less benefited financially as well as the morale is down....

Earlier this second team was full of work and was pretty content both ways... do not know how to motivate this team...

Need some insight to this fast....

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by Choppit In reply to Management Dilemma

You don't say what line of work you're in but it seems to me that you need to re-assess your staffing levels. Is it feasible to move staff between teams, retrain or reassign responsibilities? If you have a complete team of de-motivated individuals then this needs to be dealt with swiftly. If you're not already familiar, take a look at Maslows theory of motivation for a broad understanding of what your team/individuals need.

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You have the answer

by yeoman In reply to Motivation

You have actually given us the answers.
1 ?less benefited financially? - who wants to get paid less?
2 ?has very little amount of work? - job insecurity? Hurt pride because they are not considered good enough to do the job?
3 ?Earlier this second team was full of work and was pretty content both ways.? - the opposite of (1) and (2).
Choppit has advised you what to do. Otherwise find them jobs elsewhere.

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I've been there, personally

by RKG In reply to Motivation

I've been there, and found an answer. I had a data function that was very time sensitive, but was not a full workload.
I decided the best choice was to use the extra capacity to develop better 'infrastructure'. I had time to research related data sources, develop scripting techniques that actually made the task take LESS time, actually wrote the procedure manuals that we all intend to do when we 'get the time'. Eventually the background tasks resulted in more work, and now the trick is to keep the optimization going so we do not need to hire. But now, the output is more than twice what it was in the past, nearly error free, and with the same team.

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Time to look longer term

by GoingMobile In reply to Management Dilemma

I like some of the ideas already presented; here is another.

Many roles ebb and flow. When we're busy, we wish for time to be proactive but don't have it. Take the time now to look forward for projects or work that can benefit the company. Look at the stated corporate goals (external remarks in an annual report, forward looking comments from execs, etc.), division goals, and department goals. Now the hard part: translate these high-level remarks into something your team can do to contribute.

It is critical to align the new work with something the company needs for the motivation of your team (nobody likes 'make work' projects) and so that others in the company see that the work is important. I also suggest bringing the ideas to your manager and getting their support, and so on up as high as you can go.

The translation from exec statements to team tasks is really hard, but if you can pull it off you should have a happier team -- and be in line for future promotions yourself.

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