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    Management Reports


    by thebooch ·

    Hello All,

    Looking to poll the audience to see what kind of IT centric reports people are generating on a regular basis for distribution to senior management. Outside of the basics like help desk calls, downtime logs and project based reports what else is out there?

    TIA – Joe

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      IT related reports/metrics

      by greg_ross_sr ·

      In reply to Management Reports

      Well, project based reports are the biggest, and you could have 30 reports just off that, but there are also reports on bug fixes, lines of code/programmer, mainframe cpu usage, network bandwidth, etc. But the biggest would be process based reports on ROI, etc, and those are specific to your organization

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      Web traffic stats for eCommerce

      by marco schumacher (at biznesslegion) ·

      In reply to Management Reports

      How many hits, from where, using which browsers, etc.

      If this is relevant for you, you may want to ask someone in marketing what would be particularly helpful to them.

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      I need your Help

      by hbedair ·

      In reply to Management Reports

      Can you help me giving me samples of this reports

      My email is


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        by charliespencer ·

        In reply to I need your Help

        In the future, you may want to click “My Workspace”, “Edit Profile”, and enable “Allow other TR members to contact me”. This way you don’t expose your e-mail address to the outside world. You can always disable it again after you’ve received what you want.

        Just a suggestion.

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