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By Tmansops ·
I'm sure this has been posted before, but here goes. I was a Director of I.T. for 9 years in a HealthCare facility. About a year ago we had a new CEO start, and the re-org occurred. My position was cut, and they brought in a consultant who became the CIO.

Since then I?ve gotten a job, through a friend, as a Sr. Network Administrator. I do some planning, etc. but I really miss my old role of Manager/Director. How do I get back to that level ? Specifically, I don?t have my BS, just an AS. How do I get my resume looked at without it? I know I need to get my BS, but until that?s complete [2 years +/-] how can I get recognized?

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Use an outplacement service

by The Ref In reply to Manager/Director

There are people who specialise in this. I dont know what they cost, but look at it as an investment.
Also try networking - specifically in business rather than IT circles.
Lastly, retain your confidence - if you doubt yourself you will not give others the confidence in your abilities.

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Good Advice!

by Tmansops In reply to Use an outplacement servi ...


Thanks for the advice. I'll investigate the services, as well as begin to network more often.

The last part was the best. Getting removed from a position like that is a huge kick in the "you know what" and my confidence has suffered some. The whole process was like a mourning; shock, anger, depression, etc...

Thanks for you posting!

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by Tmansops In reply to Use an outplacement servi ...

Andrew, what do you recommend for networking? Meaning, are you suggesting some conferences, etc.? I've really only attended IT conferences; are there others where it's more business?

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