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Managing a helpdesk's time off phones

By Jammer2 ·
Howdy. I manage three 8:00-5:00 M-F first level day staff answering IT calls. When not receiving customer calls they will typically do non-work related activities. I was wondering if other support centers have also experienced this type of behavior. Thanks.

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The Play Pen & You

by LadyIT In reply to Managing a helpdesk's tim ...

Most people will do non work related activities if there are no ground rules that say otherwise. Never "expect" anything as a manager/supervisor. Set the rules that you want to live by, and leave the rest up for "discussion". But, if YOU set thatrule up, then ultimately, you will be in control of that too.

Give out incentive initiatives that are reasonably attained. If you have that much downtime then you might want to think about downsizing your staff to "2". Otherwise, if you need 3 because of workflow in general, then devise a plan that creates work such as: Research: 1. Find out why some of the calls are coming in. Research: 2. Create a knowledgebase of problem resolutions (typical). Research: 3. Create profiles on your company IT equipment and software.

Assign these projects out to each person to complete in a timely manner during their downtime. When you see them playing, ask them where the report is. Go from there... and continue to create scenarios that build a business during downtime. Or, replace your people.

If you can't get your Managers to pay for incentive work, then explain to your folks that you will have to downsize if you can't justify the hours worked. SAY NO MORE. Just hand outthe project work.

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