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Managing a loud and obnoxious subordinate

By anyhelpwouldbegreat ·
Ever so often I struggle to manage one of my people. I've just turned 30 and this person is in their mid 40's. I've been her manager for just under a year, and started with the company as her manager, whereas she's been here 5yrs.

This person is loud and likes to try to trip me up (loudly), when she knows the office is an open one, where the conversations can be over heard. I do have regular meetings (weekly updates) away from the environment, but she just likes to try to prove she's right about things that she so obviously isn?t, but because of the noise I back down, because I?m quite reserved, and basically not that kind of person.

People try to look like they get on with her, and there is so much bitching about anyone and everyone you wouldn?t believe.

The company has recently come to some trouble and recovered from Ch11. Her position/ team was moved elsewhere (the helpdesk) and she moved into desktop, being one of the few to stay.

I've come from an IT background, am used to managing younger peers, and am highly educated, whereas her snippets are from experience on the job, although she misses so many obvious things that are staring her in the face.

Often when I?m being nice, and mentor her it's shrugged off and feelings of 'I know that' etc. It's very hard to manage such a person.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

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Respect the employee

by lan_ker In reply to Managing a loud and obnox ...

I in the past have had people do this to myself. While I'am in a differant trade then you I'am of opion that since this person M/F has more time on that job then you they like to make it hard for the head person to do their job, eather that they have been passed up for promation or some type of resentment that a younger person has AUTHORITY. Use this wisely aka: Tell this person to never again address you with Any issues in open.!! find a hallway. The next time it happens, "witch" it will at this point, you should state so, Others can hear, I ordered you not to address me with any issues in public/office'. This person is trying to make you look bad.!! Another good one is " If you don't like how thinks are run find another job" this will put you back in driver seat "should".Or , I'am tired of your complaints outloud do you want to see (superviser) maby he/she can resolve your issues.!!! But do any or all with the UPMOST respect. Communitation is the key here. This person is trying to make you look bab no question about it. Take them out of any ear shot of other employees to presurve the office. Should you not be able to do any thing close to the above, you , in my opion should not be in supervision. This is sometimes what is needed as team work. If not, fire the person.! Oh, I'am a working Forman for an electric contractor. Every body should know their job if not send them back to the shop for more training!!!!!! Or weed them out! We as professionals DO NOT have the time to do our job and baby sit at same time.

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