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Managing an international database,etc

By lance ·
I am quite a novice when it comes to networking and hosting
packages. My company at the moment has the main base in
Australia and this is where the company database on filemaker is
kept on all clients and company financials. We now have branches
in the UK and Europe and we access our database via timbucto
which is slow and not always accessible. Is it possible to host these
programs on a central server and allow staff to enter and update
the database directly and quickly?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Managing an international ...

Yes it's possible but to give you a totally correct answer we'll need a bit more information.

If you are running a Windows Environment you can establish VPN's into the server storing the DBase data and allow it to be altered from there as required.

What you need to do is Maintain Security and depending on where you are in AU it depends what ISP Services are available to you so that may be a limiting factor as well.

If you would care to click on the Add Comments Button and provide a bit more information most likely we'll be able to help you out but we'll need to know the Type of OS that you are running and the general Location of your Main Office so we have some idea of what Internet Services are available to you. Or alternatively you could supply that information of the available types of Internet Services like Cable DSL or if you are in a remote area you may be restricted to Dial up. And a Remote Area can be inside a Major Metropolitan area but more that 4.5 KMS from a Exchange and with no Cable running past your door. If you are in a situation like that you will most likely be restricted to Dial Up though it's possible that you may be able to access the Internet VIA the Telstra Wireless network though that's still a bit flaky if you are on the edge of the coverage area.


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by 3xp3rt In reply to Managing an international ...

In addition of Col's answer, what kind of database are you using?
For example, if you are using MS SQL, the more efficient way to work is the replication. You can find how is working the database replication on following link:

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by lance In reply to Managing an international ...

Hi Col,

Thanks for the reply, we run Apple macs and our server in Perth WA
is a mac server. At the moment our ISP is iinet but we have had
problems with them at times when their servers are down. I was
lookng at the viability of hosting the lot on a dedicated server
service either in the UK or Aus, any advice is welcome.


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by BbBucko In reply to Managing an international ...

You might want to look at On-Demand alternative to your current systems given the geographical dispersion of the company and your self-professed lack of experience in Wide Area Networks.

VPNs are expensive and can be painfully slow and replication across distributed networks can lead to data nightmares.

Hosted or On-demand database applications lower your TCO and administrative burden and can pretty much guarantee a much greater level of security than you can possible hope to achieve in-house due to the fact that they can spread the infrastructure cost over (typically) thousands of clients.


Bret B

Disclaimer: I work for Salesnet Australia - a leading provider of on-demand Sales Automation and Customer Relationship Management solutions. so I'm always going to back On-demand over client/server :)

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