Managing bandwidth

By kentontator ·
The high ups have asked me to figure out how much bandwidth we are using for certain devices on our network such as a Polycom unit, live meeting etc. I know there are some tools out there that can measure this. Does anyone have any good recommendations?


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Re: bandwidth usage

by christianshiflet In reply to Managing bandwidth

I am not sure what type of hardware you have within your network but most fully managed and even web managed switches have built in utilities to identify bandwidth and/or data transmission totals broken down by port and sometimes by packet type. Is that the type of information you are looking for? Please let me know. Thanks.

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by kentontator In reply to Re: bandwidth usage

We do have monitoring tools that can tell me how much bandwidth is being used at any given time.

We are trying to figure out how much certain things use. So far the easiest way for me to do this would be to monitor one port. Then perform a task such as video conferencing or pulling CAD drawing's and saving them to the network. Then check out the activity on that port and look at how much bandwidth was used.

I guess I was just looking for an easier solution, but maybe this is the best way?

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Re: monitoring

by christianshiflet In reply to monitoring

Actually, the web-managed switches I use have utilities that provide cumulative statistics by individual ports that I can reset or allow to build as time goes on. I could, for example, check the total bytes transmitted on the port that a device was connected to over a week's time to determine the bandwidth that device uses. I don't have to monitor it as it is being used. Most web managed switches I have encountered have similar capabilities (rmon or equivalent implementation). I may, of course, be misunderstanding what you are looking for, though.

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