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    Managing HelpDesk/Inventory


    by heatz ·

    I have a small LAN comprised of approx 300 machines. I am looking for software that will help me manage and organize all help desk activities performed on the machines (as well as requests by end users) Also would like to track the inventory of eachmachine, relative to system configuration, software installed, etc. I am finding it increasingly difficult to keep track of all work performed on each machine and the man hours spent. Ideally, this program will be extremely easy to use and very cheap. (Standard request right!) Anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?

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      Managing Helpdesk/Inventory

      by wayne.hilliard ·

      In reply to Managing HelpDesk/Inventory

      Track-It 5.0 is a very good Helpdesk tool that would take care of your needs in inventory as well as maintaining Helpdesk calls etc.

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      Your Answer

      by ukcats1 ·

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      Intuit/ Blue Ocean Track-IT
      Customizable, inexpensive, efficient, easy.
      Very good program that uses MSAcess for DB but will scale for enterprise if you choose the SQL version.

      Web based management and ticket submission. Optional modules are enticing but Enterprise version is best if you alread have SQL.

      Hope that helps.


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      Have you tried Intuit’s Trackit

      by jmotownvols ·

      In reply to Managing HelpDesk/Inventory

      BlueOcean’s Trackit recently purchased by Intuit (makers of Quicken, Turbotax, etc.) has an excellent Auditing package built in. And the standard version (we are running the Enterprise version with Oracle) si around $1200. Track-it also has several means to enter calls and a great number of usefull canned reports. Reports are in included version of Crystal 8 if you need to modify them. Also has Track-it Web which allows you or users to create update calls. Track-it Sync which syncs to PDA’s. Track-it! Receive which takes e-mail and converts to w.o. Track-it! Agent which notifies techs via e-mail, pager, alpa-pager, etc. and notifies user with resolution once call is closed by the technician. Again, we are using the Enterprise verion, not sure if all features are available for standard version. However, Track-It! Audit is. We have been using it since version 1.0 which fit on a single floppy. It is very user friendly and the suppport staff are very helpful. I am a satisfied customer. Other than that there is a template on Techrepublic’s site (used to be anyway) that allows you to download an Access template. Also, there is a HD one if you load all the MS Access templates. Good luck!

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      Excellent Free Product

      by theheadmushroom ·

      In reply to Managing HelpDesk/Inventory

      You can’t beat AIDA32. It works really well, and best of all, it’s free.

      Check out

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        by heatz ·

        In reply to Excellent Free Product

        Thanks to all who replied. I just downloaded a copy of TrackFree, which is based on the same modules and interfaces as TrackIt, without the cost of TrackIt (this is free, save for the ads one must endure). So far, it seems to be exactly what I am looking for. Need to evaluate a little longer before I’m “sold”.

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          Where did you find it?

          by deeda ·

          In reply to TrackFree

          What is the website you found this at?

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