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Managing Non IT People

By siddh_patel ·
I am working in a Media Agency from last 3 Years as IT Manager. It has been tough journey since i jumped to this fastest Industry from very cool industry i.e. Automobile. Users here are or i will say planner mostly use Media Related softwares and MS-Office. Everything wents wrong on there end they blame it on the system. Till now i have been proving them wrong. Now i feel like giving up.
My problem is i am very straight forward. If they do wrong i do not hesitate to tell them. This puts me in trouble.
Pls. Help how to deal with it.

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by Lizzy In reply to Managing Non IT People

No one likes to be made to feel foolish or stupid. Perhaps you could start to change things by offering to give some mini-classes on small aspects of the systems they use to educate them on working more effeciently, say one class on Power Point presentations focusing on embedding special fonts or adding sound. Another could be email security such as knowing when to NOT open attachments and the like. Your users will appreciate it if you point out that knowing all this technical stuff can be overwhelming even to the IT pros and you will be making your job much more enjoyable and less frustrating when you join "their side" by letting them know you're there to help them.
Hope this helps.

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by InXale In reply to Managing Non IT People

We in IT are Service Delivery people. The best you can ever achieve is a draw. Be it in IT , Gas Board , Electric Company , Water Board , Telecoms or any other form of service industry where you face the customer you have to deliver as best as possible 100%. For yourself you can smooth the ride by creating starter packs for new users. Think Techrepublic have a ' Welcome Pack ' to download and as Lizzy mentioned IT training would greatly help the end user. One thing you should not do is prove the user wrong.


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by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to Managing Non IT People

A good place to start is by answering the question, "Is my job to help the organization succeed or just to pass the blame?" Congratulations if you answered "help the organization succeed." Please know that management is not for everybody.

Good luck.

Craig Herberg

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by The Admiral In reply to Managing Non IT People

There is the right way to show someone that they are incorrect and a wrong way to show them. Coming out and blantantly telling them that they are wrong without hesitation scores no points.

Welcome to the area where tact is the best way to take care of the problem. We do not give people projects where they can not perform the functions of the task. If they need to use Word for the task and they are not fluent, then the next person gets the ability to do the task. It is just as simple as natural selection.

They will eventually do two things: First, they will go buy a book and learn how to use the tools they are given, or become a burdeon and be fired. It is not a "well maybe janie needs more time," issue since time is money. It is a "Janie, I don't know how to tell you this without offending you, but we need to talk about your future here without expanding your skills with the tools," issue.

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