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    Managing NT Print Spoolers from a Mac.


    by pbaynard ·

    I administer a small network which consists of 10 NT 4 servers and 5 Apple Macintosh workstations, and 15 Windows 98 workstations, all of which print to an NT 4 server. I have SFM installed on the print server. The problem I have is when the Macs print it spools locally first then sends the spooled print job to the server, once the print job gets to the server the Mac users cannot manage their print job because they cannot see the spooler on the NT server like the Windows users can see the spooler on the server. I would like to know if there is a way to give the Mac users the ability to manage their print job and see other print jobs on the NT server print spooler? Is there some third party utility or configuration that has to be done to enable this?

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