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Managing relatives

By leonardw ·

my emp recently hired a family member of mine, --my brother to be exact. It was really my idea because hes into computers and can program, etc. I recently became IT Director so I have to "manage" him and the help desk tech. The problem is it seems weird sometimes giving him assigned tasks..hes even older.

any ideas on how to make directing easier ?

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by illilli In reply to Managing relatives

I have frequently been put in charge of my peers. When this occurs, I don't want them thinking I am just being a big-shot and trying to throw my weight around. To alleviate this possibility, I focus on task accomplishment as it impacts the bottom line. "Look, we are all in this together; I've been put in charge; I have the responsibility for success or failure; please help me; all I am interested in with regards to being in charge is getting the job done; I welcome your insight and assistance."

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Managing relatives

you did make this bed...
just don't hire your brother in the future. nepotism hardly ever works easily imho.
maybe he would like to swap jobs with you.
that would fix it up...
what does your brother say about it?

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by Wild Bill H In reply to Managing relatives

You did put yourself in a situation that is difficult. You didn't think that managing or directing was easy did you? It is an art even with unrelated people. Anyway, one time,I found myself in this situation also. The best advise is to just do your job and let him do his. Treat him just as you would any other assoicate in your department. Keep your thoughts on the task, not the person. Keep praising and "redirecting" as needed. Just as you would with any fellow worker. Another idea is to think teamwork. Stress the fact that you are both in the same boat, working on the same issues, where you are the captian. I did find several good books at the library that addresses managing. In them,there are chapters that deal with this issue directly. You are lucky it is not your spouce. *s* Good luck.

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by leonardw In reply to

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by leonardw In reply to Managing relatives

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