Managing Remote XP Machines

By aneie ·
I have an issue with some PCs in our environment, when I try to remotely management some XP SP2 PCs, I get an error message "Computer \\XXXXXXX cannot be managed because it is not running Windows NT. Would you like to manage it anyway?" It appears as though I can manage the computer. Any ideas as to why I get this message? I searches MS's site can came up with nothing...


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maybe DCOM permissions?

by sgt_shultz In reply to Managing Remote XP Machin ...

did you see this article? it should help.
here is an excerpt:
How to troubleshoot WMI-related issues in Windows XP SP2
A number of security lockdown changes in Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) may cause problems with Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), especially in remote scenarios. For example, Windows Firewall is enabled by default in Windows XP SP2. Also, DCOM restrictions in Windows XP SP2 are different from DCOM restrictions in earlier versions of Windows.

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Just a thought...

by Desktop Veteran In reply to Managing Remote XP Machin ...

I have never personally recieved that particular message, but I have recieved the message that the machine cannot be managed. That has proven to be an issue with domain membership.

As for your message, the question comes to mind as to what file structure you are using on the machines you are trying to remotely manage, NTFS or FAT32. While that doesn't make any sense as far as "because it is not running Windows NT" (it's Windows XP!), the part about "Would you like to manage it anyway?" makes me suspect that it detects the security issues involved with FAT32 (or maybe the lack of security is a better way to say it).

Anyway, just a thought.

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Check the remote admin shares.

by 1bn0 In reply to Managing Remote XP Machin ...

By default on Windows XP (2000) there are three "Administrative shares".

IPC$ Inter Process Control(?)
c$ c
admin$ c:\windows (c:\winnt)

The first one handles network comunications and things like remote Computer Management and Remote Registry.

The second one lets you access the system hard drive so you can manipulate the filesystem.

I'm not sure what the third one is specifically for.

If there is a second hard drive , like d: it will also be shared (d$)

The $ after the share name indicates it is a hidden share. Under windows this means that the computer you are browsing from will pretend not see the share and will not show it to you in Network Neighbourhood/Computer Near Me.

The shares can be seen in Control Panel:Administrative Tools:Computer Managament

Go to System Tools : Shared Folders : Shares

If they do not exist they can be created from that location.

Right-click on Shares and select New File Share. Fill in the blanks.

Select Admin has complete access all other users have no access for permissions. This will pop up during the share creation.

Also make sure the windows firewall is off or configure to allow remote managment.

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