Managing 'Road Warrior' Data

By adamjnichols ·
Toshiba R840 Laptops
Win7 Pro/Ent. x64
VPN Available

We are essentially a global consultantcy - often working in rural areas.

All of our consultants carry laptops and work directly from them. They can be travelling for upto three months or maybe a bit longer. The data carried is often very sensitive.

We require; The consultant to be able to work from his/her laptop with access to all their data, on and offline. Us to hold a 'backup' (as best we can) of this information for obvious reasons.

Current Soluion;
-The Users 'My Documents' folder is redirected to an allocated 'User Space' on a file server.
- This folder, hosted on the file server is made, ' always avilable offline'.
- Scheduled Sync's have been configured for synchronization between the shared folder (on file server) and the users my docs folder.

This provides an offline version for them and a backup for us when they are back in the office of connect via VPN.

This is no longer working for many reasons and im just putting the feelers out for any experience or suggestions?!

Thanks in advanced,

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Office365 or other "cloud" solution

by Churdoo In reply to Managing 'Road Warrior' D ...

I would first suggest a Terminal Server solution for several reasons except I'm not sure of your definition of the requirement to "work offline." Terminal Server notwithstanding, the Sharepoint Workspace feature of Office365 is an option. With it, you can sync their local My Docs and/or other folders to Sharepoint workspaces and it will happen transparently all the while they have internet access. This is similar to dropbox but IMHO a bit more robust as O365 can sync to their AD credentials along with a host of other features. Are the laptop disks encrypted in case of theft/loss?

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Reponse To Answer

by adamjnichols In reply to Office365 or other "cloud ...

Thanks Churdoo,

Apologies for length of time to respond.

So, we have Terminal Servers, Currently developing SharePoint (although this has very little to do with me), Hard Disks ae encrypted using Sophos but soon to move to BitLocker (MS Intune).

When i say work offline;
- A folder is created, "auser" on a fileserver.
- My Documents is redirected to 'aim' at this folder which is made available offline
- Therefore, when users disconnect from the network, all documentation within this folder are still available on the client machine in a 'cache'
- Synchronization partnerships are configured to sync changes periodically between '\\fileserver\auser' & 'client cache' either when connected to network or on VPN

Unfortunately, The Business is massively keen on cloud solutions which makes this a whole lot more difficult.

Thanks Again,

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