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    Managing your client’s details


    by liamfoneill ·

    I am eager to learn how other IT consultants manage and store their client’s details. By details I mean client’s wifi password, email passwords, hosting account info, static ip addresses etc. We currently use OneNote 2007 for it’s flexability and security features like password protected sections. However it can get hard to manage after 30 or so clients. Does anyone else use other solutions such as access databases to store this data?

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      I am more eager to learn

      by santeewelding ·

      In reply to Managing your client’s details

      How you do it. Instead of finagling my way into a client system directly, your trove about the client and the system would be faster.

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      same question

      by cito2 ·

      In reply to Managing your client’s details

      i also use onenote and it has been great for searchable notes and info on clients and procedures. however, as we grow and hire more people, i don’t want to have to buy versions of onenote for everybody. any ideas? i use for customer communications, lead tracking and customer relations management, but am scared to put important security info there.

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