mandatory desktop for all users in a domain

By peekaywae ·
How do I prevent domain users using WinXP from making any kind of changes to the desktop such as moving icons, deleting icons, adding shortcuts, etc. I would appreciate a step-by-step guide on how to use Group Policies to do that.

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The easiest way is with a Mandatory Profile

by Jacky Howe In reply to mandatory desktop for all ...

To create a mandatory profile. Create a folder on the file server in your profile folder called ProfNT.Man

Create a standard user account on the file server. This is your template. You could call it Seed or Root. Point it to the ProfNT.Man folder for the profile.

Logon to a workstation as the new user and set it up as you want it for your users. When you are happy with what you want log off and then log back on to double check.

Log off and go to the file server.

1. On the server ,Start "regedt32".

2. From the "Window' menu choose "HKEY_USERS".

3. Next, select"Registry" from the menu and then "Load Hive".

4. Browse and select the ntuser.dat from the folder called ProfNT.Man.

5. Enter "auser" as the name for the key.

6. Highlight "auser" in the pane on the left.

7. From the "Security" menu choose"Permissions".

8. Give "Everyone" Full Control and tick "REplace Permissions on Existing Subkeys".

9. Click OK.

10. Once completed, ensure "auser" is highlighted and choose "Unload Hive" from the "REgistry Menu".

Close regedt32.

Navigate to the ProfNT.Man folder and rename ntuser.dat to

Direct your new users to the ProfNT.Man folder for their profiles.

Create a mandatory user profile

How to assign a mandatory user profile in Windows XP

Edit: Double up

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Seems a particulaly roundabout method

by SKDTech In reply to The easiest way is with a ...

<del>For a procedure that I recall being quite a bit simpler. I'll look up my notes and post again if i find a better way not involving the registry</del>

Correction: What I should have said is the links go to the correct procedures and there should be absolutely no need to edit the registry in the process.

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It just ensures

by Jacky Howe In reply to Seems a particulaly round ...

that Everyone will be able to access and use the profile.

Edited to ask: how did you get that line through your text?

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Control WinXP desktop in a Win2k3 domain

by peekaywae In reply to It just ensures

The original question asked has not been answered. I need step-by-step guide on how to control client desktops as soon as they log on to the domain using group policy. i know its possible but don't know how its done.

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strike or s

by seanferd In reply to It just ensures

in angle brackets, of course. Square brackets work on TR as well.

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<i> Just a test </i>

by Jacky Howe In reply to strike or s


Word document

word Document

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'(@)'(@)' '(@) ""(@)</pre>

<h2 class=""><span>Well Hello There</span></h2>

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