Mandatory profiles for Computers, not users

By gert ·
I need specific computers to load specific mandatory profiles from the server, but only for specific users.

I'am working on a school, and every class needs their own profile.
At first, i was thinking about local profiles, but the teachers needs to log in with their roaming profiles on the same computers, which means i can't rename NTUSER.DAT to NTUSER.MAN in the 'default user' folder.

Can a login script fix it?
I want something like this:
IF User logon name = grade1* AND computer name = Room1, THEN load = profiles/mandatory1

IF User logon name = grade2* AND computer name = Room2, THEN load = profiles/mandatory2

etc. for 10 grades...

ELSE load profiles/empty_mandatory

It's very possible that users from Year1 will use Room2 computers, so i can't use normal mandatory profiles, because there is programs installed on Room2 computers, that's not installed on Room1 computers, and therefore, the shortcuts will not work.

I'm sorry about my bad english.

Hope someone can help


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by scott_heath In reply to Mandatory profiles for Co ...

Once the login script hits its too late to change the profile. You most likely will need multiple user IDs with different profile paths.

I'm confused as to why you can't use the same profile for all rooms. Missing app icons? Just move them to the All Users local profile then whomever logs in will get them. Please elaborate on the reasons behind what you want to do.

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If you

by cmiller5400 In reply to Mandatory profiles for Co ...

If you set up the user with a roaming profile, and rename the ntuser.dat file to on the server where their profile is stored, it will be loaded down on every computer they sign into as a mandatory profile. Why do you need two different profiles? Is there any differences in the machines between "room1" and "room2"?

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Missing applications

by gert In reply to If you

Some applications are missing on a few of the pc's, so if i make shortcuts, they will only work, if a pupil from one class are using the computer that belongs to his/her class.

If he/she are using computers in the computer room, that's avaiable for everyone, the shortcuts will not work since the applications isn't installed.

As far as i know (maybe i'm wrong), if i make 'all users', and 'default user' ntuser to a mandatory, the teachers will not to able to use their roaming profiles.

I was thinking about installing the applications on all computers, so the shortcuts will work. I just need to study the licenses.


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by scott_heath In reply to Missing applications

You make the profile on the network mandatory, not anything local. I don't think you can make those profiles mandatory. I was referring to adding the icons to the Start Menu or Desktop folders of the All Users profile on the computers on which the app is installed. Then those apps will always be available on those PCs. Then just go delete the shortcuts out of the user profile directories so they don't follow them to other PCs.

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