Mandatory Roaming User Profiles in Windwos 2003 for Win XP users

By kamalnanglu ·
We are using Server 2003 to control the domain of the LAN. All other system are running Win XP. I want that all the users who log on the server 2003 must uses Mandatory roaming user profile. The desktop settings should be same for all the users. how to do this.

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setting up roaming user profiles

by thedrummer2006 In reply to Mandatory Roaming User Pr ...

First i recommend creating a folder to store the roaming user profiles on the server. If you want one profile that all users will share then just store it in the root of the folder. If you want a separate profile for each user then create sub-folders in the root folder, one for each user profile. Im assuming you are using active directory so open your users and computers MC and open the properties dialog of each user one at a time and set the profile path under profile to wherever the location of the profile storage folder is. for example \\%server%\roaming profile storage\user1 After you set this up, the next time the user logs on a user profile will be created in the folder. Now you can change the settings in the profile and copy it to other profile storage locations. Just be carefull with permissions settings, its very easy to screw them up.

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Hiding the share and protecting profile from corruption on Terminal Server

by Tom Friedriks In reply to Technet

Just wanted to add that you can use variables to set unique user folder and hide the profile storage folder by marking it as administrative share. To do that you need to place dollar sign at the end of the folder name such as \server\profiles$\%username%. To convert standard roaming profile to mandatory, just rename NTUser.dat registry file to Check to see, permissions on share are set to Read only for Authenticated Users group (if we are talking about mandatory profiles; for normal roaming it should be set as Full control) and to Full Control for group with administrative privileges. It's also usefull to enable logging that may help with troubleshooting. Open HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Diagnostics and set FdeployDebugLevel REG_DWORD parameter with value 0F (to enable verbose logging) or 0 (to enable normal logging). And don't forget, that mandatory profiles are read-only, i.e. changes made by user to his profile during his work wouldn't be saved back to central location after log off. Alternatively you can use tools like Desktop Authority from Scriptlogic. The main problem with mandatory profiles is that if someting will go wrong and profile will not load from server location, user will be unable to logon. Scriptlogic's tool supports multiple variables to implement substitution during redirection and allows to set user desktop settings (that's what the suites for) without using roaming. From my exeprience, that greatly increases robustness. Tthat is saves telephone lines from overloading by user calls to technical support which are usual case with roaming profile corruption. And it saves my administration time too. If something changes in our corporate environment as a whole or if something should be changed for a selected pool, I need to redo all profiles from scratch when using roaming. And it's a waste of time that I could spent on useful tasks. That's what I've especially noticed administering our Citrix farm where unclosed sessions are a known case (as almost with any TS).

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