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    mandrake 7 and gui


    by fred king ·

    I have installed linux mandrake 7 as a server on a machine on its own.
    How do I get xwindows (gui), to load?
    All I get is the command prompt screen…..

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      mandrake 7 and gui

      by the_argent ·

      In reply to mandrake 7 and gui

      you can do it one of two ways,
      1) Once you are logged in, type startx at the CL.
      2) Edit your /etc/inittab file to be id:5:initdefault: so your system will boot into GUI mode immediately.
      I would suggest doing it the first way, That way you will be able to still be able to log into you box if something becomes corrupt with X windows.

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      mandrake 7 and gui

      by xiopus ·

      In reply to mandrake 7 and gui

      Don’t forget to run Xconfigurator
      prior to trying startx (if you did not configure X during your install). Also once
      X is up and running you can use the drak config tool to change your run level to 5 (if you want too) that will automatically give you a gui login.

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