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Mandrake Linux New Move

By secure_lockdown ·
Okay, eventhough I haven't used a Mandrake distro is a couple of years - I really like this move. Now we are talking about a Linux vendor that is trying to answer the needs that result from some of the day to day problems and headaches that I have to work with. If Mandrake keep this up - focus on the auto-deployement and auto configuration from a central location out to dispersed network nodes - they may give MS and AD a run for their money. :-)



Released Jan 5/05

two new enterprise Linux distributions: Corporate Server and Corporate Desktop.

"These products have received specific development and testing efforts to make them as fit as possible for use in a business environment," said Ga?l Duval, Mandrakesoft's co-founder.

Specifically, "the new Corporate Server is meant to facilitate deployment through its auto-installation and easy configuration capabilities. It can be used for any kind of server tasks, from LDAP [Lightweight Directory Access Protocol] to Web [serving]," Duval said.

Full link:,1759,1748098,00.asp

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by Jaqui In reply to Mandrake Linux New Move

and 5 year support lifecycle for them.

drakx autoinstall, even the community versions, will allow you to sit at one station, copy your selections to a floppy and auto install any number of workstations. with 2 levels, one where you custom disk partition each station, one where it's plug and play action.
boot the station on the floppy click a couple of times, and walk away.

full clustering version also.

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Interesting I had planned to do an upgrade soon

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Mandrake Linux New Move

Was going to go from 9 to 10 anyway as I've had some annoying incompatibilities with dvdrecord and detection of media types, and a colleague who has n't is on 10. If I get a chance to have a go with this I let you know how I get on.

I did two Mandrake 9s about 18 months ago and apart from having to switch to an intel network card driver instead of the the auto-detect one, I had no problems until I swapped the CD writer for a DVD writer.

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by Jaqui In reply to Interesting I had planned ...

I have 10.1 community, looked at it.

I didn't appreciate the removal of swapping mouse buttons for left handed users, but otherwise it's very well done.

the community version lacks the dvd player software. no watching dvd movies without getting sources and building the apps and libs needed.

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