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Manipulation by all & sundry...

By alfielee ·
...has occurred even by yourself with the announcement that the netbook is dead. There has been manipulation by Microsoft by creating a marginalised version of XP that again undid Linux.

Your comment that connecting a printer or camera is easier with Windows is a hash. I connect & Ubuntu just searches for the driver & gives me a choice of which to install. Where is that harder than Windows? Oh sure there are those that auto-install but not everything does if it isn't a certified version. With Linux, I have minimal problem installing hardware these days. There are some issues, usually overcome with a little persistence, sometimes not.

When you make the statements you make, Jason, I believe you are just another Linux-knocker.

Mobile phones are coming out in droves with various Linux versions whilst WinMo is a dying breed & everyone involved in the industry knows it. What about bringing that up & telling the rest of the world how this is the same basic system that can run, not only on all but one of the top 10 supercomputers, most vehicle controllers, most GPS handsets, most robots, most embedded systems, not only on a desktop, not only on a notebook but also on a netbook.

How about not being part of the problem that squeezes out of users the desire to attempt to use Linux because the majority must know what they're talking about, mustn't they? Perhaps you're getting kickbacks Jason. So far I haven't seen too much initiative on your behalf, including these last 2 Linux articles, that does anything but damage any desire to pursue Linux.

You say you've used Linux for a decade. Talk about that to people who want to know how & why rather than making bold statements about Linux being unwanted. Explain how Linux has evolved into the Formula 1 car of the computer world, with the speed, the power & the control that make it a better system to use.

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Poor little lost post

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Manipulation by all & sun ...

Wandered away from its discussion and got lost.

Oh, and mobile phones, super computers, vehicle controllers, robots, and embedded systems aren't desktops. Jason wasn't referring to those systems, only desktops.

F1 cars? Expensive, easily broken, incredibly impractical, requiring a high degree of skill and years of experience to use in a limited environment. You sure you want to make that comparison?

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by NickNielsen In reply to Manipulation by all & sun ...

Explain how Linux has evolved into the Formula 1 car of the computer world, with the speed, the power & the control that make it a better system to use.

If you are trying to increase interest in Linux on the desktop, this is the wrong analogy to use. Only a miniscule percentage of drivers worldwide are qualified to drive F1 cars. NASCAR might have been a better choice.

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