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Manual and Emulation mode

By encross ·
When installing printers, what is the difference between manual and emulation mode?

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Emulation Mode

by TheChas In reply to Manual and Emulation mode

Not sure about manual mode.

Emulation mode usually means that the printer is pretending to be a different "standard" printer.

In the early days of the PC, many printers could be set to emulate various Epson printers, as they were the defacto standard of the day.


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by encross In reply to Emulation Mode

So, which mode refers to installing a printer that does not have a driver and is not included in the list of printers?

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Startwith emulation mode

by TheChas In reply to

If you have an unlisted printer, I would choose emulation mode.

Better yet, see if you can find a proper driver for it.
If the manufacture has disappeared, try the posted drivers at

Many printers have additional functions or features when you install them with their driver.


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by admin In reply to Manual and Emulation mode

Manual would be if you want to set the pins yourself... i.e. w\o IEEE or other supported standard or in lieu of supported standard. In other words, "Manual Mode" actually means "read the manual" and you should put that verbatum on the test if you want the short answer, otherwise please excuse me and look up the former in case you have software that requires direct access.

Emulation mode is when a printer pretends it is something it is not and accepts a non-standard driver as standard, something to the tune of the movie about Tina Branson. She could of claimed to be in "Emulation Mode" much like, for instance, a Brother or other Laser Printer passing itself off as a LaserJet. Alternately, if you listen to the song: "Take A Walk On The Wild Side" by Lou Reed (formerly of Andy Warhol's musical project The Velvet Underground before Andy went on to work with Blondie and of course be featured in the film "The Doors") you will hear of a male version of the aforementioned female emulationjust to make this all politically correct and gender neutral. Remember, although printers are genderless to the best of my knowledge, they can pretend to be something they are not. Or is it us that is really pretending? Oh well, "Ask Dr. Science!".:)

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