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Manual entry in an HTML drop down box

By jwendel ·
How can I change a drop down box to make a manual entry if none of the choices are what I need?

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Best bet...

by deity_chooch In reply to Manual entry in an HTML d ...

Best bet is to make an OPTION in the SELECT element that says something like "Other..." and write some JavaScript to read the change and display an text INPUT element. Make a JavaScript function that changes based on the value of the SELECT box (if it's "Other...", show the text INPUT, else hide it). You could either tell the JavaScript to actually write the code, or you might want to use CSS to simply hide the box until the JavaScript changes the style.

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You cannot do that

by London Freelancer In reply to Manual entry in an HTML d ...

Thats the behaviour of drop downs in the browser. The only way as suggested is have a "Other" option and display a text box to take in the input.
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