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    Manually clearing cookies


    by a_shurn ·

    Tech support from an email provider advised me to manually clear cookies to resolve an issue I had with not being able to sign in. All of that was fine except, when I got to a couple of the .dat files there was a sharing message stating that they (files) could not be deleted because ” The source or destination file may be in use” is the message. What do I do?

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      by feathersmcgraw ·

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      Don’t worry about the .dat files. They are not going to affect anything that the cookie files are being used for.

      Windoze was using these files in memory. If you are determined to delete them reboot your machine to clear that process and that current session. From there you should be able to delete the dat files.

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      by rewrite ·

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      The dat files are caches used by windows and cannot be deleted while windows is running. To delete them you either have to boot to a dos prompt (win98 or me) or get a utility like Index.dat Suite to get rid of them.



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