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Many PC to one scanner?

By loonhup.chew ·
Good day,

Just want to ask if somebody has a way to connect many PC to one scanner. There has been hassle for one scanner to be connected to one PC. if the user did not come to work or we don't know her/his password, then the whole department would not able to scan.

Plz help

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by parvus1202 In reply to Many PC to one scanner?

You don't need many pc to one scanner. Just one computer that is accesible to everybody is enough. Even you connect many pc, each person should still go to that scanner, and then go back to his computer, then back again to scanner. But if you set one where there is no password, anybody who needs to scan, then just do it there. That computer should to be connected to network so images scanned can be saved to any computer.

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by jschein In reply to Many PC to one scanner?

hey peabody... people ask these questions for help, not to be told to do something they don't want...

Depends on what kind of scanner you have.

Check VistaScan 5.3 - It's only downloadable from UMAX website for 10 dollars.... It will let you setup a scan server on whatever pc the scanner is and put remote scans allowed on any computers on your network.... Good stuff.

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by sscsystems In reply to Many PC to one scanner?


i'm assuming the scanner is USB?

the simplest things are usually the easiest. install the drivers for the scanner on two or three computers.

if your friend is out of the office, just unplug the scanner and physically move it to another computer. plug it in. presto.

scanners usually don't weigh a whole lot.

another option might be a USB hub, but that's probably more trouble than it's worth.

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by TheChas In reply to Many PC to one scanner?

As stated, the "best" way to share a scanner is to setup a dedicated scanning station that is accessible to all users.

Sharing a scanner physically between multiple PCs is VERY problematic.

If the scanner connects with a USB port, AND the users are close enough to each other, you could install a USB switch.
This is NOT the same as a USB hub.

With the switch, the users could switch the scanner between PCs.

You will need to arrange the office so that the longest path between any user and the scanner is less than
"In practice, the USB specification limits the length of a cable between full speed devices to 5 meters (a little under 16 feet 5 inches). For a low speed device the limit is 3 meters (9 feet 10 inches)."
(from the FAQ section at www.usb.org)

You can increase the length to a maximum of 30 meters with several powered USB hubs installed in the line.

For a SCSI based scanner, you are pretty much limited to a single PC.
Or, physically moving the scanner.

Parallel port scanners present a challenge.
Typically, you need to use the short parallel cable that comes with the scanner.
You may be able to use a HIGH quality manual switch with high quality IEEE printer cables of 6 feet or less.


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by glennkreisel In reply to Many PC to one scanner?

RemoteScan will let you share ANY TWAIN compatible scanner which is practically any scanner made.
Check out http://www.remote-scan.com.. It's cheap and easy to use.

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by wlbowers In reply to Many PC to one scanner?


Check them out. Just what you need

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