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By bborcher ·
Ok... first off, I bought a new harddrive, 45 gig, western digital, (UDMA 66), 2nd off, I have 2 other harddrives...
ok, I had a 366 Mhz computer, win98 SE, everything worked great :), yay.
ok now i bought a 850 Mhz, O/c kit (from, that o/c's a 566 mhz Celeron II chip to 850 mhz, with an Abit BE6-II motherboard, (I had a Abit-BX6-2 before)...
ok so i Installed Windows 98SE, brand new straight to my new UDMA 66 45 gig drive,
the install went ok, though, when loading up, it went REALLLLLY slow *until* i installed the drivers with my motherboard for the UDMA support (on the built in UDMA controller on the mobo), so... the first question is, I guess
could installing windows 98SE onto the UDMA drive, without the 'controller drivers' installed, cause a problem (because data transfer DID seem to be 'thwarted' until i added the drivers (AFTER installing win98SE)....
ok first i guess the problem : lol i forgot it, anyways... after prolonged use, or high power'd program usage, my compute

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