many times something pops up in my computer

By pergjini ·
the pop up tells me that onother computer in this nettwork has same IP address, has someone broken into my computer, and has access to my using and knows my activity? please I need help on that,

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Talk to network admin

by JLVFR In reply to many times something pops ...

It sounds like your networked PCs have fixed IP address and, for some reason, another PC has been given yours. Talk to your network admin.

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You'll have to give us more information here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to many times something pops ...

Is this computer part of a Network?

If so what type of Network?

If it's not what is it connected and how is it connected?

If it is part of a network is this part of a Business System or a Home system?

What you have listed here is straight forward if it's part of a Business Network with Static IP Addresses. There is another device of some sort that has the same IP Address and this is causing issues with the network.

If it's not part of a Network there could still be a device that has the same IP Address that is causing issues. Things like a Cable Modem connected by a Ethernet Cable could cause this is the Computer is not correctly configured.


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