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Want to share a folder on an xp pc box and allow a Mac running OSX 10.5.8 to access it over a vpn network.
The goal is to run an application locally on the MAC and open a file that resides on a PC.across a VPN network.
I have done this PC to PC by simply sharing a drive on one pc and mapping that drive on a second pc. I am then able to open a file across the vpn network while running the program locally. I tested this with QuickBooks and it worked like a charm.

However I do not know how to accomplish the same thing MAC to PC. In essence the pc is acting as a file server. Also I am able to ping between the MAC and the PC, Both Ways, However when I try to access the drive on the pc through the mac, using the logmein interface, the command for "Browse is Greyed out) on the MAC the Menu option.
Logmein tech support says that it is a MAC Issue because as I mentioned before, we can ping from PC to MAC both ways.

I would think that the set up for the Mac would be the same on a local network as a VPN network. One last thing: the vpn network has been set up through LogMein Hamachi.

Any help would be much appreciated, but do need very specific instructions on the Mac if this is possible.

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I'm not sure what BSD calls it

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to MAP A DRIVE ON A MAC TO F ...

But if it was a Nix System you would have to enable Samba.

As OSX is a Fork of BSD you need the equivalent to Samba that BSD uses installed on the Mac so it can communicate with the Windows Box's.


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