Map a Drive to a Vista Client from a NT 4.0 Server

By raphmonya ·
I?m trying to map a drive from a Vista Client to an NT Server 4.0.; when I enter the user name and password to connect I get a message telling me that the password is not recognizable which I can't figure out why, because I use the same exact User name and Password to connect my mapped drive from my Windows XP and it works fine. Could Anyone Please explain why my NT Server doesn't recognize my User name and Password when I use my Vista client to connect to the NT server. Thanks big in advance!

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I don't know if this is possible

by OH Smeg In reply to Map a Drive to a Vista Cl ...

When you add a 2003 Server to a NT Server you need to run the 23003 Server in Mixed mode to allow th XP boxes to connect to the NT Server. When you run 2003 with Vista you can not run 2003 Server in Mixed Mode and still have Vista connect with the 2003 Server.

So I don't think that it is actually possible. I think that you'll find this is just another thing that isn't supported by Vista and just one more addition to the list of Incompatible Applications that Vista can not work with. You really need to replace the NT Server with a 2003 Server and this is just another expense that makes moving to Vista unacceptable to most business and all the ones that I do work for at least.

But as I'm no Vista Expert someone else her may know a way to do this.


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See how you go with this

by Jacky Howe In reply to Map a Drive to a Vista Cl ...

Have you Authenticated to the Domain.

Adding Vista to the Domain.

With the default settings Vista won't authenticate to a NT domain. You have to lower the authentication level Vista uses.

"Run as administrator" secpol.msc

Under Local Policies > Security Options

Change the value of "Network Security: LAN Manager authentication level" from "NTVLM2 responses only" to "LM and NTLM - use NTLMv2 session security if negotiated".

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