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On Monday a clients laptop hard disk was on the verge of failing. I backed up the data, installed a new hard drive and proceeded to reinstall the software.

I'm having a problem installing some OLD accounting software (VADAR). I contacted the company's techsupport (for which we pay 1,400.00 a year). The support rep say's I need to install a "v" drive before we can run the software. The tech said he doesn't know how to install the "v" drive "because it's hardware".. "v" to me mean's a virtual drive which would be software but whatever.

I did some research and figured out how to create a virtual drive, called it "v" and created an autoexec.bat, added it to the registry so it will load at boot. Now I have a pretty little virtual drive (v drive) pointed at the vadar folder.

I'm pretty sure when I call tech "support" on Monday this will not be right. I pulled the new drive out, put the old drive in to see if there is a virtual drive setup on the old drive. The only drive's are c (root) & d (cdrom). I proceeded to check out the shortcuts on the desktop to see where they are pointed. That's when I saw this:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\MSACCESS.EXE" "C:\vadar\act\Brookfield_app.act" /wrkgrp "C:\vadar\system.mdw"

What is interesting is the "/wrkgrp" entry. What is that all about? This is a stand-alone system. It doesn't connect to a database on the network. I'm assuming that entry is bouncing, redirecting, or mirroring back to the local machine. If this is true than my virtural disk isn't going to help me... ...I don't think...

Does anyone have any idea what is going on here? What's with the "/wrkgrp"? What's a "v" drive? How do I set it up? And finally, why on god's green earth are we paying 1,400.00 a yr for support when the support people don't know how to install their own software???

Thanks in advance..

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Who knows but here's a guess

by tintoman In reply to Map a "V" Drive

It seems to me that this software is almost certainly designed for network use, my guess is also that the database is supposed to sit on a server and by default has the drive latter V.
so somehow it was configured to loop back to the pc because there is no netwrok drive with a database on it, presumably the database is on the pc as well, and therefore since it probably needs a workgroup or domain name to make it work, that has also been made in virtual sense.
As to why you pay so much for your support is anyone's guess but I wouldn't do so any more.
I hope this many some sense to you cus I have no idea what I just said
Have a nice day

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figured it out

by Digital_DNA In reply to Who knows but here's a gu ...

Thanks for the response tintoman!!! I actually figured it out with the help of the good folks at experts-exchange. And yeah, the /wrkgrp switch redirects back to the proper directory. I just copied the syntax submitted and changed the "open-in" target path and everything worked out okay.

Cheers Mate,

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