Map Network Drive to Shared Folder

By faisal_pisces ·
i have a shared folder on my windows server(2003) lets say
with in this folder i've 2 sub folders like this
is there any way that no one can map network drive to
but anyone can map drive to
\\srv\data\sam or john.

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You should be able to...

by jimmy-jam In reply to Map Network Drive to Shar ...

If I am not mistaken, you can set the share permissions on \\srv\data\john to allow the permissions you want and then restrict permissions on \\.\data. Just make sure you turn off inheritance on \\.\.\john

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shared folder

by flowcom In reply to Map Network Drive to Shar ...

You could remove the permissions to the DATA folder and allow only Admins access.
If you want them to map to the sub folders you can open the DATA folder then select all the sub folders and apply the security permissions to what you want.

Even if they could map a drive to DATA, if you implement permissions properly, the people trying to access any folder below it should only be able to open the subfolders that you allow.

I hope this helps.

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Its tricky, or rather a pita

by Dumphrey In reply to Map Network Drive to Shar ...

but the first step is to strip all permissions form \\srv\data down.
Next go into special permissions and give Everyone only traverse Folder. (I would now create groups for permissions for \\srv\data and sub folders to make this simplier.
Add the security group you created to permissions for \\srv\data. Make sure (on the advanced tab) that permissiosn will not trickle down.
Then set explicit permissions on the sub folders. It works like a charm.
People will be able to mount the drives (if the have machine rights to do so) but not to see any data on \\srv\data.

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Try this

by longtran12 In reply to Its tricky, or rather a p ...

Can you create a group add whom ever you want in this group then add this group to the folder you want. In this case Data folder. For server or share folder access you rather deal with group permission then individual user.

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