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    Map profiles/home folders to USB drives


    by jon ·

    In an organization full of real estate agents who are independent contractors, believably, some of them do not have their own computers. Stunning if you ask me!

    So, to solve that problem, we have resource rooms that have multiple computers in them. There is one guest account in Active Directory that they use to login to the system. The problem we have is that they are unable to independently save their files.

    We don’t want to be a data store for their files, and we don’t want them to save their files to the guest user’s profile so each other agent can see the others information.

    To circumvent this, I have to create a user account for each agent. This means creating a plethora of profiles on each resource machine and on the server. I can remove cached profiles, no problem, but what I’d really like to do is put the user profile on a jump drive or make the redirected folders go to a jump drive…or even just map a local drive as the home folder when they login…

    Any thoughts on this?

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      by zlitocook ·

      In reply to Map profiles/home folders to USB drives

      There are alot of thumb drives with the programing built right into them. They have their own internet search and alot of other programs. Each maker builds something into them, the only thing bad about them for now is that they are only two gig.
      I made my own with an external 40 gig usb drive and some software I bought, when I plug it in it asks for a password and after that I have firefox, open office, my own storage. Nothing that I do when logged in to the drive is recorded or kept on the computer that I am using.
      Do a search on free portable for USB drives.
      Look to for cheap drives

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