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    Mapped Drive Disconnection Problem


    by zack_chimento ·

    Base Info: All machines run XP Pro SP2 and QuickBooks Enterprise 8, with gigbit ethernet.
    I have found that on the computers in my office that use “QuickBooks” have a little problem. For some reason when/if we lose connectivity on a particular machine, then the mapped network drives on that machine will say “Disconnected” in My Computer. Manually double clicking the drives will instantly bring them up in my computer, HOWEVER, if this is not done first, QuickBooks can not seem to “re-connect” the drives itself, and will just hang, searching for the drives. Any solutions and help would be much appreciated.

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      by zack_chimento ·

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      Have you done any updates recently?.

      by Anonymous ·

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      Have a look in your “Network connections” click on the “local area network” icon then select “properties > configure > power management” and see if any boxes are ticked, if so then untick the boxes and then exit. Hopefully this will cure your problem.

      Network mapped drives are available only when the host computer is also available. In order to use drives from host computers, the computer must be online or available on your network, and the user will need proper permission in your account profile settings.

      Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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        No Luck

        by zack_chimento ·

        In reply to Have you done any updates recently?.

        Our Windows 2003 SBS server, the host with the mapped drives is up 24/7. The problem we encountered was that if ANY of our windows XP SP2 machines lost connectivity to the network, even for a moment, the mapped network drives immediately say disconnected. Not a problem normally, as you can open My Computer and simply double click the drives and it re-connects them. Problem: Our users aren’t exactly tech savvy and even that small thing would be complicated for them. All the office files are located on the server, so if someone say has Quickbooks and excel open, and they lose connectivity, then they have to restart or log off which makes them close the programs, which they cant save in because they aren’t connected and so on and so forth. See the problem? Is there a way to trick windows into thinking the drives are available all the time or maybe a way to set the drives to be re-connected automatically upon regaining connectivity?

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      Might need to test

      by rob miners ·

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      Advanced network adapter troubleshooting for Windows workstations

      Good Article here

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