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    Mapped drive errors


    by ssharp ·

    We have a Gateway PC on our LAN. After some problem with viruses (they have been removed) we can not connect to a shared drive on the server. The GUI shows no mapped drive but when we try to create the mapping, we receive the following error: drive:\ is already connected to \\\, Do you wanted to connect anyway? If you respond YES, the msg reappears with no mapping. There is no UNC path given, just \\\. If we try to use Net Use to disconnect or create drive, we receive similar errors. Anyone with an idea, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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      Try disconnect through explorer

      by sbworks ·

      In reply to Mapped drive errors

      First, I’ll assume Windows 98.

      When you start up and log on, select “no” to the do you want to connect anyway box.

      After logging on, check through Explorer to see what drives are mapped on. If there are any bogus ones, right click and detach.
      Log out and log back on and the bogus drive should be gone and you’re home free.

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