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    Mapped drive


    by emsvg ·

    For some reason everytime I successfully mapped a drive letter (any letter) to a particular network share I get a message after I try to double click on it to open the share through My Computer. The message ask you to choose which program you want to use. The funny thing is if you do a right click and click on explore you can browse the contents of the mapped drive. What gives?

    Has anyone seen this odd behaivour before.

    Appreciate your response.

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      by w2ktechman ·

      In reply to Mapped drive

      Is this from 1 system or multiple systems?
      If it is from 1 system, choose to always open it with Explorer.exe
      If it is from multiple systems, then the problem may be with the folder share itself. Look over its properties, or re-create it

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      by breakfix ·

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      It happened to me once but I couldn’t double click on any folders without it happening. From Windows Explorer:

      Tools > Folder Options > File Types

      Then look under file types for Folder & File Folder. File Folder has only “find” Folder has “exlore” and “open” underneath.

      This happened I believe when I was trying to tweak the option to not have a shortcut arrow show up on a shortcut.

      Anyhow I believe you could copy the settings from a “working” machine.

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      by emsvg ·

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      I’m actually having the problem from multiple machines and do believe the proble is with the share itself. I’ll try to recreate the share and see what happens.


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