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Mapped drived access denied

By irina ·
We have a Windows 2000 domain, AD in native mode, with many XP, W2k Professional clients, and still W98 clients. Recently, I moved some folders which are mapped on W98 clients to an another server, with same IP address (finaly), and that was transparent for W98 users, because they map the folders trough a login script. W98 clients have updated DSClient, (version 5.0.2920.5), are configured to use WINS server,on some of them I enabled NTLM 2 Authentication, and still have the message "N:\is not accesible.Network path was not found." However, at first logon the map N: was accesible, and for some reasons,after a while they lost access.
I would be grateful for any advice which could help solve this issue.
I read the subject Windows 98 posted by EdLockett on 10/26/2004, and nothing help me.
Sorry for my english...

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by ccollins In reply to Mapped drived access deni ...

Have you checked to see if they can still see the server when the drive drops off? Might be some kind of WINS problem for name resolution - try mapping with the IP instead. If that stays around you may have to flush out their LMhosts file as they may be remembering the old server at that IP. 'nbtstat -R' will flush, but only after you have deleted any files called lmhosts in the system32 folder.

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by irina In reply to Mapped drived access deni ...

Yes, I try ping with server when the map is inaccesible and it works. And, yes I try to map with IP address instead name, and doesn't work.

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by irina In reply to Mapped drived access deni ...

And, also, after restart, the map is accesible.

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by leirags In reply to Mapped drived access deni ...

That problem beside on Server machine maybe, first at all if you have mode than 10 clients you need prepare a Server machine with a server OS, and indicate how many connections you may need.

I run a W2000, and share a folders, and when we try to connect more than 9 clients, the server make some kind of things and we lost so many connections too.

Soluction for us, install a win2000 advance server and apply a 60 clients, share folders and whala... all done...

I hoe this can help you..

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by razz2 In reply to Mapped drived access deni ...

leirags is on the right track.

In this server what is the license setup? Per-Server or Per-

My guess is that you are per server. In this mode a single client
can open multiple connections using multiple CALS. Example: 10
CALS with 10 workstations could exceed the limit very fast.

In per User/Device mode you only need one CAL per USER or
Workstation even the station uses multiple connections.

it sound like like you are exceding the CAL count and your logs
may show this. A reboot closes all sessions and then on boot it
has available CALs for the map.

Check your License Control Panel.

good Luck,


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by irina In reply to

HI, fortunately, I resolved my problem with maps,starting with an ideea of ccolins, about using nbtstat command. It seems to be o bad record in WINS database about the server on wich clients map folders. The old record have an old IP address for that server, and after I updated the record, everything works fine.

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by irina In reply to Mapped drived access deni ...

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