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Mapped Drives for some users not working

By NetGoofy ·
I have two (2) users on a Windows 2000 network, 1-Win2k Srvr and Win2k Workstations. What happens is when two particular users log on, they have access to their designated mapped drives to the server, they can click on the mapped drives and see the contents, however, they can not write to them. The status bar in explore, or the properties of those mapped drives (when these two are logged in) display 0 bytes available, and 0 bytes free. However, when anyone else logs on, the stats of the drives are normal. What I have done so far, is have the users log onto a different workstation, the situation follows them, so I deleted there user accounts on the server, and created new account, and setting them up identical to a user that has no problems, the issue still persist. So I checked, and double checked, local, domail, and domain controller policy, I can not find anything out of the ordinary or any thing that would reflect these users having this problem. All workstations, are on SP4, all the win2k updates have been done. Antivirus has been updated, and have performed full scan on server and a few workstation looking for a virus, could not find any.

Any help is most greatful

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by akbarali_khan In reply to Mapped Drives for some us ...

It looks security issue, check the security option in properties of that directory and check the permmissions for those user ids.

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by voldar In reply to Mapped Drives for some us ...

Have you implemented disk quota on the mapped drivers? Maybe those two users don't have the quota settings set, or have a messed up quota settings.
This is the only thing I would do right now. Hope this helps.

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by voldar In reply to

I am positively sure that is a quota management issue. I don't know where to pinpoint the problem yet, but you say that users in the accountant OU can access their mapped drivers but not those two clients. Are they in another OU or members of another group? Is there a GPO policy regarding the disk quota specifications for the other users in the network? I don't know, you should check in this direction (my 2 cents advice :))

Use this url and check about setting quota on drives (remove any spaces in the url if any):

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by jaboy78 In reply to Mapped Drives for some us ...

i think ur workstation didnt log into the win2k server.

Try this way..change all user to administrator log in(including the Win2k server). Set all the password the same..try it..

So there wont be any security....

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by NetGoofy In reply to Mapped Drives for some us ...

My client had purchased this server from Dell, an apparently it has Disk Quota enabled. I looked at the entries and YES, there are entries that are over the limit, but not these particular users. I up'd the limit for all the entries, but this still did not help. To respond to answer number three, I did make one of these user a admin temporarly, however, it still shows that the disk space is still 0 bytes, and they are logged onto the network, becuase they DO see the mapped drives, and can click on them to see the contents. The funny thing is that, I can actually paste a file into the mapped drives. But what started this whole thingy, is that they store there Quickbooks company data on the network, so that it gets backed up at night, and the all the accounting people can work except for these two users. When they try to open the Quickbooks company, it tells them that they need XX amount of free space to open the company.

So in Summery, It appears to let them store stuff on these mapped drives, it just displays that there is none available, and I guess this situation causes the users not to open a Quickbook company. I don't want to call Quickbooks because I strongly believe its not there issue, because it works for all accounting dept except these to. They all have the same model pc with win2k. Weird HuH

Thanks Randy

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by jahmez In reply to Mapped Drives for some us ...

I think this is a permissions issue. Check permissions/rights on the server.

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