Mapped drives not working after password change

By ozboing ·
I have users that when they chnage their password their mapped drives no longer work (even after a reboot)
The only way i have to fix it is to copy the profile, delete the profile reboot and login
then copy the profile back. Which is a real Pain

There must be a better solution?!?

thanks in advance

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In most cases

by LoonIT In reply to Mapped drives not working ...

your mapped drive authenticates from the users windows login. are you using a file server for mapped drives? what is the file server OS? Perhaps you can try to disconnect the mapped drive and reconnect it using the new authentication, or if you are on a Domain try to use NetBiosname\username as login and then the new password instead of using DomainName\username.

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when setting up the mapped drives

by Sue T In reply to Mapped drives not working ...

you have an option of connecting using a different username. click on this and you will be able to enter the username and the password used for that mapped drive then it won't matter if they change the password for logging on to their computer.

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Login Script

by davidburke84 In reply to Mapped drives not working ...

Login Scripts are simple and painless. Create script for drive mappings.

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scripts for mapped drives

by ozboing In reply to Login Script

they do have scripts to connect the drives. Is it necessary to have the script remove the drives at log off? so that a fresh connection is made each time?

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