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Mapped resources disappearing

By brad.hoyle ·
Using Windows 2000 Pro on a NT4 Server network. My mapped drives and printers will sometimes disappear. This happens on several diffrent PC's. What could be causing this?

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Mapped resources disappearing

by svrarvind In reply to Mapped resources disappea ...


Perhaps the most common way to map a drive letter to a network drive is
to use Explorer. It's possible, however, to connect these mapped drives
from the Windows 98 MS-DOS prompt using the Net.exe command. You use this
method for Windows NT logon scripts, but it's also useful if you need to
complete a specific task during the day (or night) that requires a remote
file share.

For instance, if you need to map a drive (G) to the \\server1\work
share,you could use the following command:

Net use g: \\server1\work

However, if there is already a drive G mapped on the PC, this will only
return an error. To work around this, it's common practice to run the
following command before the commandthat maps the drive:

Net use g: /delete

This deletes the current mapping of G, allowing the new mapping to
complete successfully.

If you don't necessarily need to specify the letter used in the drive
mapping, you can instead use the wildcard symbol . For example, the
following will map the first available drive letter (after the letters
assigned to fixed disks and removable media) to the network share:

Net use *: \\server1\work

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